Yes Foodz

Eating with the World in Mind

Mahatma Gandhi redefined nutrition as fundamental to building a more just world. What he chose to eat was intimately tied to his beliefs, and his key values of nonviolence, religious tolerance, and rural sustainability developed in tandem with his dietary experiments. His repudiation of sugar, chocolate, and salt expressed his active resistance to economies based on slavery, indentured labor, and imperialism. Prof. Nico Slate 

Inspired by the Grama Swaraj of Mahatma Gandhi and his apostles Acharya Vinoba Bhave and the "Green Gandhian" Sri J C Kumarappa, we have created an enterprise which is socially and environmentally conscious and responsible.

The cardinal pillars of Gandhiji's diet

  • Vegetarianism
  • Limiting sweets and salts
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Fasting for self-purification


We strive to build a food chain with deep commitment to the environment protection and adapting appropriate green technologies. 

“Let food be thy medicine...”

Medicinal & Body Care